Thule 530 And Thule 591 - Choose The Best Cycle carrier For Your Budget

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Published: 18th June 2009
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In these days of environmental awareness when we're all constantly being urged to take more exercise the humble bicycle has undergone something of a renaissance. No longer is it simply the only means whereby the working classes can get mobile at least to a degree albeit choking in the dusty wake of the well to do. Actually it probably never was really although many of us are old enough to remember when a bicycle was the next best thing to a motorbike, which was the next best thing to a car.

Well it's all different now! The bicycle has become the ultimate motor accessory. What's more it's one that enables you to use your car less while seeing more of the countryside. In fact the car has become the ultimate bicycle accessory, enabling the bike to be used over a much larger range than it could on its own.

What makes all this possible by bringing car and bike together to form a super efficient unit is another accessory, the cycle carrier. Modern bike carriers have made it so easy to take your bike to distant parts there to cycle around the highways and byways, especially the byways, seeing far more than you would in the car, enjoying healthy exercise at the same time whilst creating no pollution and consuming no energy but your own.

With a Thule bike carrier on your car and a bike or bikes to carry on it you'll discover a whole new world out there. Once upon a time if you lived in a big town you could cycle out into the countryside on a Sunday afternoon but you wouldn't see much of it before it was time to turn round and pedal back to town.

Now with a roof cycle carrier on your car you can drive out of town, park up and go off on your bike for hours before it's time to put the bike back on your Thule cycle carrier for the quick drive home. There's no doubt about it. Roof cycle carriers have made leisure cycling a whole lot more enjoyable for lots of people.

So, now you've come to the conclusion that what your car needs is a Thule cycle carrier on its roof you just need to work out which of their bike carriers will best suit your budget, and your requirements of course. The Thule 530 and the Thule 591 are both very popular. Both will hold your bike in place in total security and both incorporate a fully lockable system which means the cycle carrier is locked to the roof bar system and the bike is locked to the bike carrier.

In each case the locks come as part of the system all you need is a pair of Thule roof bars fitted to the car first. Where the Thule 591 differs from the Thule 530 is in the design. The Thule 591 is a slightly later design and comes with a much greater degree of sophistication which makes it even easier to use but of course that does make it quite a bit more expensive.

In the case of the Thule 591 the designers have positioned both the locks at the bottom of the unit that is at car roof level. Obviously this feature makes locking and unlocking much less of a stretch than when one lock is at the top of the bicycle standing in the rack.

The Thule 530 cycle carrier is a much simpler affair and doesn't have that convenience factor. Having said that it is still very easy and convenient to use and it does come at a far lower price.

Both these roof cycle carriers are manufactured to the highest standards and both will give you many years of excellent service. In fact it's probably true to say that with sensible treatment either will last a lifetime.

If you expect to be constantly loading and unloading your bike with relatively short periods in between then the ultimate ease and convenience offered by the Thule 591 bike carrier will probably be well worth the extra initial cost. You'll appreciate it more and more each time you load and unload.

If on the other hand you expect your roof cycle carrier to come in for only occasional use with quite infrequent loading and unloading then the simplicity and low cost of the Thule 530 is likely to have the greater appeal for you.

Both these bike carriers are available in packs of one, two, three or four enabling you to carry anything up to four bikes at a time. The number of bikes you have to load and unload might also influence your choice. It's up to you!

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