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Published: 18th August 2009
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Well it would be wouldn't it? It's a pretty safe bet that nobody in the history of angling has ever caught a barracuda on the slopes of Mont Blanc! That really would make a great fisherman's tale!

It won't come as any great surprise to you to hear that the Barracuda in question here is actually not a fish at all. What it is in fact is a very neat, up to the minute car mounted bike carrier. The model is Barracuda and the brand is Mont Blanc.

Now to many people the idea of a bike carrier for the car may seem a lot less exciting than a big game fish. However the Barracuda bike carrier does represent a quite exciting development in bicycle carrier design. Bike carriers have been around for many years now and development has been considerable since the early days.

The latest Barracuda cycle carrier represents the latest thinking in bike carrier design and manufacture, at least as far as roof mounted models are concerned. Mont Blanc have put a lot of thought into the practicalities of using roof mounted bike carriers and it really shows in the new Barracuda bike rack.

The bike is carried in an upright position with both wheels in situ. It sits with both wheels held in a cleverly designed moulded profile which holds the bike upright. You don't have to hold it upright as you would with many other bike carriers.

The great benefit of that of course is that you have both hands free to attend to the fastenings which secure the wheels and frame. When you've done that your bike is securely locked into the Barracuda bicycle carrier and supported by the chrome plated frame holder which is made from a special steel.

The base unit is made from a composite material, specially developed for resistance to ultra violet light. It can accommodate bicycles with frames of from 20mm right up to 80mm diameter. Tyres of up to 55mm wide are no problem to the Barracuda cycle carrier.

As if all that wasn't enough the frame clamp is moveable so that your Barracuda bike carrier can be adjusted to take a child size bicycle. The whole thing is manufactured to a very high standard, DIN 75302 no less!

A really clever feature of the design of the Barracuda bike carrier is that securing your bike to the frame holder also secures the bike carrier to your roof bars. How easy can it get?

You will need to have roof bars fitted to your car of course just as you would with any lesser design of bicycle carrier. If you already have roof bars fitted you may be pleased to note that the Barracuda bike rack will fit equally well to either standard square bars and to most aero bars so it's very unlikely that you'd need to change them.

The icing on the cake so to speak is that a Barracuda cycle carrier won't break the bank either. If you go to the right place, you can buy one for not much more than it costs to fill up your petrol tank if you let it run low. So you see cycling remains a very economical way of getting about when you don't want to use the car all the time, even when you do use the car to take the bike to the area you want to ride in.

If you need to carry two bikes around on your car then the Barracuda bike carrier double pack is just what you need. By buying the double pack you get an even better price than for a single Barracuda.

The Barracuda bicycle carrier is a great example of the way you can broaden your cycling horizons by using your car for what it does best. That is covering fairly long distances quite quickly and taking your bike with you so that you can use it for what it does best. Taking you around interesting places at a more leisurely pace with no damage to the environment, letting you breath good fresh clean air, and providing you with healthy exercise.

Any kind of car bicycle carrier will enable you to do this but a state of the art modern design such as the Barracuda cycle carrier makes it all so much easier.

Quick and easy loading and unloading, coupled with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your bike is safe and secure during the car journey makes the whole business far more relaxed and less stressful.

Whether you find it more relaxing than big game fishing for barracuda only you can say. One thing is quite certain however. It's a whole lot less expensive!

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