Corporate Relocation - Some things You Should Know When Planning An Office Move

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Published: 18th June 2009
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If moving home is one of the most stressful things we do in life, commercial removals is at least its equal. In much the same way however, the degree of stress generated can be kept under control by if you think it all through carefully well beforehand.

First consider the reason for the office move. Is the reason for your business relocation a perceived need for more space for example? Maybe it's the opposite and you feel you have more space now than you actually need.

Either way, you need to keep the reason in mind when you're planning your

business relocation. One of the things you need to appreciate is the need to start your planning early because if business removals are to go smoothly they need to be planned with almost military precision.

Before going any further you'll want to obtain quotes from a several removal companies uk. Find out as much as possible about each company you get to quote because that will help you to decide whether they are right for your particular office move.

Should your corporate relocation be to smaller premises you might need to use storage facilities as well as office removals services. In that case you want to know all about what each contractor can offer in the way of storage.

In preparing your shortlist of possible removal companies uk you need to know in each case the extent of their knowledge and experience in corporate relocation. Are commercial removals their main business or are business moves something they do in addition to house removals?

One thing you need to know and to keep firmly in mind is that if you want the job done properly, and obviously you do, it would be a major error to simply choose the cheapest quote. Expertise costs but it is well worth paying for, within reason of course!

Anyway let's assume you've looked at several corporate relocation companies and given them all the third degree, and made your choice. Your due diligence exercise should have left you with the sort of company that you can hand the whole project over to while you get on with running your business.

At that stage you ought to appoint an office move co-ordinator from among your own staff. That person will then act as liaison between your company and the office removals company. Everyone else keeps the normal business of the office going so that your business doesn't come to a standstill due to all the planning going on ready for the business relocation.

Your move co-ordinator will need to consider things like company stationery. Letterheads etc. will need replacing because of the new address etc, so reduce waste by running down stocks prior to the office move. Be aware that printers will need time to get your replacement material to you ready for moving day, so orders for replacements will need to sent in good time. If you can get the printers to deliver to the new premises immediately the move happens, all your new stuff will be there ready for you on day one.

You need to know that your telephone services will be ready for you in the new premises on day one for immediate use. You'll probably want to keep your phone numbers too so the best thing is to get a local telecoms specialist to undertake the whole operation for you. If you don't have such a person that you use already you can bet your removals company will know who to contact.

IT relocation can be quite involved especially if yours is a fairly extensive system. Again you can't afford to be without your computers for long after the corporate relocation so if you don't have your own in-house IT people you need to know that whoever looks after that side of things for you is kept fully informed about the forthcoming business relocation and are standing by to have everything up and running again as soon as you arrive in the new office.

Without electricity nothing will work so don't take anything for granted. Check that it'll be live when you move in.

Let all your existing customers and suppliers know when you're moving and where to. They need to be able to find you so make sure that all necessary signs are in place at the new premises. Customers might just go elsewhere if they can't find you!

That's just a few of the things you need to know when you contemplate corporate relocation. Once they get you thinking about it, others will come to mind. The main thing is, the more carefully you plan, well ahead, the more smoothly your business relocation will go.

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